• Great connections
    Get a good start at the training camp by arriving in comfort. Vienna International Airport, which is served by over 70 airlines an low-cost carriers every day, is the perfect base. All camp venues are located between 30 and 90 minutes away from the airport, guaranteeing that transfer costs are kept low.


  •  Favourable climate
    Lower Austria is locates in the most temperate climate zone in the northern hemisphere, with a temperate climate between warm and cold. Thanks to its location in the rain shadow of the Northern Alps, long-term statistics from Lower Austria indicate considerably more sunny days in the summer months here than in other oarts of the country. A great forecast for top training weather!


  • Numerous options for test matches
    Most professional Austrian clubs (First and Second Divisions) are at home in Lower Austria and Vienna. Moreover, the proximity to top football countries such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary opens up a multitude of test match options. Upon request, the SPORTS.STATE.Lower Austria team will gladly help its training guests to organise one or several test matches.


  • Attractive stadium just a stone's throw away
    The NV ARENA in St. Pölten is one of the most attractive, modern small stadiums in Austria. The modern infrastructure offers 8,000 covered seats, unique architecture and a high degree of comfort for its visitors, security, barrier-free access and energy efficiency. The perfect setting for an atmospheric test match.


  • One contact partner for all issues
    One-stop-shopping lightens your load. One single partner is your connection to 10 Soccer Camps and potential test match partners in the SPORTS.STATE.Lower Austria: Toni Pfeffer. First-hand, reliable information simplifies the planning of a cuccessful training camp and saves time-consuming research.


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